Creative Content Marketing. 10 Types You Need To Learn About Creative Content Marketing. 10 Types You Need To Learn About

10 Best Types of Creative Content Marketing

You can reach your target audience online if you create more content.

What is Content Marketing?

Creative content marketing can help you to generate traffic and leads for your business. Here are ten creative types of content marketing you can use for your projects.


Blog posts attract visitors from search engines and people who love to read fresh content. You can update your content regularly or create blog posts for new topics.

If you create more content you create, there are more chances to get organic traffic from search engines. They search for quality content and used different ranking factors to evaluate it.

Visual Content

Visual content includes all types of content marketing that include videos and images. You can publish visual content on blog posts, social media, and video sharing platforms like YouTube.

You can publish videos and images or include them in other types of content like blog posts. Visual content can increase engagement and conversions because many users have an easier time to watch a video or check a few images than reading articles.

Social Media Posts

Over 3 billion people were using social media in 2020. All types of businesses can create social media profiles and reach their audience online. Social media posts are visible on the feed of your followers. You can also create ads to target a specific audience. Social media allows you to share articles, images, videos, and links with your followers.


You can send newsletters and promotions to the inbox of your subscribers. If you want to get emails from your target audience, you can add an email form on your website or connect a landing page with your social media accounts. Emails have a high click-through rate and ROI compared to other types of creative content marketing.


Ebooks include more content than standard blog posts and social media posts. They analyze a specific topic in-depth and solve the problem of the target audience.

You can give an ebook for free in exchange for email addresses or sell it through a website. An ebook can also promote a product of your business as a solution to the problem that is mentioned.


Podcasting is quite popular and has gained popularity in the last years. 37% of Americans listen to podcasts at least once per month. So, it’s a nice alternative to blogging or a different way to reach your target audience. If you start a podcast, you can discuss important topics of your industry and provide tips for specific problems.


Webinars are live videos or replays of live videos. They are lengthy and provide a lot of value about a specific topic. Many professionals in digital marketing use webinars as a source of high-quality leads. Before they host a webinar, they promote the event on the internet. Webinars explain a topic, answer questions, and then promote their products.

Case Studies

People love case studies because they share real-life data about a product or a strategy. For your brand, case studies work as social proof and demonstrate the results of repetitive actions. Case studies can be published on blog posts, videos, ebooks, or any other content type. However, it may take time to gather all the required data.

Q&A Content

You can create content with questions and answers. It can be a page on your website with common questions or simple interviews. Answering questions in niche-focused topics can attract people that want more information. You can publish this type of content on any platform you use for your business.

User-Generated Content

You can request your followers and subscribers to share images, videos, and articles. If you get interesting content, you can share it on social media or your blog. People would like to see themselves on your posts.

This method increases engagement and word-of-mouth marketing because people have more chances to share content that includes them. Once you start sharing your followers’ images and videos, more users will get motivated to send you new content.


These were ten types of creative content marketing that work for many digital marketers. You don’t have to use all of them, but choose the ones that are the best for your business. You can also test many types of content until figuring out what works for you.

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