What Are the Key Features Your Blog Should Have? What Are the Key Features Your Blog Should Have?

7 Important Features of a Blog

There are over 600 million blogs in 2021. Many of them are created for professional bloggers and various types of businesses. Blogs can mention many topics that cover every part of our lives. However, most of them have some common characteristics. Below you can read seven important features of a blog.

important features of a blog
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Blog Post Archive

A blog post archive is a page on your website where the visitors can read your old articles. They are sorted by date and category.

Having a blog post archive has many benefits. While most readers want to read the latest blogs, some of them go deeper to your website and check older pages. 

Your blog post archive will help them to find the content they want. It can increase page views and conversion rates. People remain on your site longer,, they have more chances to take action and a higher chance for you to generate leads.


Most blog posts have a comment section. There are exceptions that bloggers disable them, but most comments sections are active. Bloggers need comments and engagement with their audience.

People can share their opinion and share their ideas. It is a great way to get feedback. People can also start replying to comments of other users. Comments add value to the posts, start a conversation, and help you build a community for your blog. 

Comment Spam Protection

When users leave comments, they can add a link to the comment form or the comment’s content. In both cases, they want to send users to their websites. Many shadow marketers spam their links without adding any value.

A comment spam protection system can filter out these comments and protect the community of your blog. You can use WordPress plugins for spam protection or themes that include it.

RSS Feed

It is a simple feature that helps you distribute your content and allow your readers to get your updates. Most blogs update their content regularly. So, RSS Feed enables the readers to get your content without visiting your website.

Some readers will check for the orange icon that of your RSS Feed. Then, they will read the content by an RSS Feed Reeder like Google reader. This feature helps you to build a loyal following and a community that can’t wait for your updates.


It’s quite easy to add a search bar in most websites today. For example, WordPress have search bars that can be added to the widgets in a few clicks. 

It is a simple and helpful feature that every blog should have. If you have published many blog posts, people can’t access all of them from your homepage. A search feature allows them to type keywords and find relevant content.

When they add a keyword, the search feature scans the titles of your blogs and your content. Then, the users will see a page with blog posts that include the keyword.

Social Media Buttons

They are simple social media buttons that appear in different places around your content. Each button has the logo of a social media platform. 

Readers can click these buttons and redirect to a social media profile. For example, if you click the Twitter button, you will get redirected to Twitter. The social media button also creates a quick post with the link of your blog post.

These buttons may have numbers that represent the number of shares from other users. The benefit of social media buttons is straightforward. They increase shares and engagement on social media.

Contact Page

A contact page allows readers to send an email to you. While they can talk to you from the comment sections, this option is more private. They may need help with a relevant topic or want to share their ideas.

Other fellow bloggers can also contact you through this page. They can ask for you to work together or request a guest post. However, some people will use contact pages for spamming as well. 


These were seven important features of a blog. You just need to add these features to your blog once and let them work. They don’t take much work to install them and don’t require any effort on your part. These features just exist and help readers.