Top 7 Traits Every Successful Marketing Agency Should Have Top 7 Traits Every Successful Marketing Agency Should Have

7 Key Qualities to Look For In A Marketing Agency

Before hiring a marketing agency, you need to do your research. It is possible to compare different options until making your final choice. Below, you can read seven qualities to look for in a marketing agency that may help you make a better decision.

  1. Effective Marketing Strategy

A marketing agency must provide a marketing strategy for your business. The best way to prove their expertise is by showing you how exactly they can help. Your marketing strategy can include various parts of your business. Most businesses work on different platforms these days.
If you have a website to promote your products, you may need a marketing strategy that combines SEO, PPC ads, and social media. The right marketing agency must discuss your goals and create a detailed marketing plan for you.

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  1. Experience & Expertise

You want to hire an agency that can handle your projects. There are too many marketing agencies that lack the required skills on the internet. It’s easy to claim anything they want if they don’t provide proof of their work.
You can solve this problem by requesting a sample of their marketing services. They may have reviews or testimonials on the internet as well. If you confirm that they can deliver what they promise, you can consider hiring the marketing agency.

  1. Great Communication Skills

Some people are not a good fit for you. The same applies to business. You must be able to communicate with your marketing agency. Lack of proper communication skills will affect the quality of your services. A marketing agency must understand your goals and needs before creating a marketing strategy for you.
A big aspect of good communication is the timing of their replies. They should reply fast. If they don’t reply to your messages or wait for weeks to respond, you may avoid them.

  1. Problem-Solving Skills

Many marketing methods and internet marketing techniques change over time. The online platforms evolve, and marketers find new ways to win the competition. When things change, problems are created for many businesses. You may have to handle problems during your existing campaigns as well.
A critical skill of a great marketing agency is to solve problems when things go wrong. We can’t prevent new problems, but we can prepare for them and take action when they happen.
It is hard to figure out if an agency has this skill. You can check what other people say about it. The years of experience can be an indicator as well. If an agency offer services for years, they have solved many problems in the past.

  1. Size Of The Agency

If you are looking for a full service marketing agency that can take care of most of your business’s tasks, it needs to have enough people to work on it. Small agencies tend to focus on one niche and a small number of services.
Even if they do a great job on one part, niche agencies can’t create a complete marketing plan for you. Large agencies can handle difficult projects. You can estimate the size of the business by the number of services they provide.

  1. Measurable Results

Top marketing agencies can provide measurable results about their work and progress. Lack of measurable results does not help you to evaluate their work. If you track and measure your projects, you can also figure out what works for you. You must use the available data to improve your strategy and eliminate mistakes.
You can’t work with agencies that do not care about the important metrics of your campaigns. Usually, it is a sign of a low-skilled and inexperienced agency.

  1. Great People

A marketing agency has a number of people that work for it. They work on your projects and communicate with you. You want to see great people behind the agency. For example, if they are rude or have a bad reputation for any reason, it will be difficult to work with them. The quality of their job is not the only factor.


These qualities focus on the basic skills of marketing agencies, like marketing skills and problem-solving skills. Many marketers hire agencies for a long-time, so their communication and personality can affect your decision. It is key to work with people you like and can trust.


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