Google My Business for SEO Strategy Google My Business for SEO Strategy

Google searches are used to find businesses every day. In fact, it is estimated by some that google receives nearly 5.6 billion searches per day. By typing in, say, “plumbers near me”, Google returns a list of plumbing businesses in the area ranked according to their algorithms. The search results will also display the top three locations on a map in the right hand corner (the knowledge panel) along with their hours of operation, phone number, and reviews/ratings. 

Making appearances in google searches and being ranked high are important for growing your business and gaining new customers. So, taking the steps necessary to increase your business’ visibility online should be a primary goal in your marketing strategy.

importance of google my business

Why is Google Search Not Showing My Business? 

To promote your business on google and appear in search results, a service called Google My Business (GMB) is essential. GMB is free and is designed to promote local businesses via Google. It is the responsibility of the business owner to create and actively maintain their GMB profile, otherwise, it may not appear in a google search. 

If your business does not show up on google, you may want to investigate whether or not you have created a GMB profile, or make sure it is verified.

I already have a GMB profile, so how do I get my business to show up when I google it?

If you already have a verified GMB profile but your business does not appear, all is not lost – there are many techniques to increase your business’ visibility and search rankings. 

First, having a complete profile is important. All contact information (address, phone number, email address, operating hours) should be readily available in the knowledge panel, and the GPS coordinates that will place your location on the map must be accurate. Uploading photos and videos can additionally attract new customers. Maintaining and keeping this information up to date encourages google to rank your business higher and you will appear in more local search results. 

Reviews of your business on GMB can also boost your visibility in google searches because customer reviews and ratings play a role in how google ranks search results. People are greatly influenced by reviews when considering a business or buying a product, and since many consider these before choosing, search engines use them to rank results. Engagement with customers in the comments and reviews and analyzing customers’ experiences can also help you manage your company’s image.

Category tags tell the search engine what your business is and what you do, and it is important in determining your local search rankings. You must choose a primary category that encompasses your whole business, but is at the same time specific. 3-5 category tags should be sufficient for describing your business and keeping it in the right niche – connecting the customers searching your services with you. 

Benefits of Google My Business

Creating and maintaining a GMB profile makes your business more visible, increases your search rankings, and can lead to greater success in marketing your business and gaining new local customers. A simple google search will tell people when you are open, where you are, and how to contact you. Displaying reviews can benefit in selling your business from the perspective of current or past customers, and increase your search ranking. 

Google my business is an essential part of the SEO marketing strategy. Take the extra steps to boost your profile and attract new customers. 


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