What is a Mobile-Friendly Website? What is a Mobile-Friendly Website?

Website design is one of the most important marketing tools of today. A good website could determine whether a customer purchases something or uses the services provided by the business, therefore a well designed website is crucial. That well designed website being mobile friendly is even more critical, being today most people browse the internet from their phones over a desktop version of the website. 

what is mobile-friendly design

Mobile Version 

What is mobile friendly web design? A mobile friendly site simply means the website has been modified to function properly for a mobile user. The desktop website is condensed in size to appear on mobile devices and that the user experience remains consistent on both mobile and desktop. 

To make a responsive site, web designers will need to make sure the website is modified on the backend to keep the load time quick when users are on their cell phones. If the website is not formatted, the user will have to keep zooming in and out to be able to navigate the site and this could result in them leaving the site completely. The mobile experience is to be able to access the internet from anywhere in the world, at any given time so companies should match this consumer need on their end. 

Mobile First Website

Mobile first design is when the developer starts with the most basic features and functions for the least-powerful, smallest devices. The mobile first approach allows web developers to focus on what features and functions are most important to users who are accessing the site on the go.

 Mobile first coding first begins with the HTML, CSS styles and Javascript that is needed for smaller screen sizes and then overwrites that code to have exceptions for larger screens. This makes sure the website is functional for desktop users as well. 

Why is mobile first website important?

Mobile sites being built first helps the web developer create a practical design that can then be enlarged for the desktop version. If the designer creates a complex web design, there may be code that is near to impossible to shrink down to a mobile size, this will cause issues for the website including the inability to load the website to its entirety or website crashing. 

Due to the power of modern smartphones, mobile design may not be considered the second priority, it is now becoming the first move for most designers. Desktop version’s needs won’t be ignored, but mobile-first web design will enhance that experience. Make sure you consult with a web designer to see the best steps for you to take when planning on building your mobile first website. 


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