Importance of Keyword Search for Your Website Importance of Keyword Search for Your Website

SEO keyword research can be a complicated industry. With so many twists, turns and algorithm updates, it can be hard to know where to start. In order to attract potential customers and make sure people know your product or service, you need search engine optimization and a list of keywords. 

What is keyword research?

It is a method in which you analyze google trends for search terms and keyword ideas in order to obtain data to use for general marketing. Search results and competition keywords are an important content strategy to reach a target audience. 

Why is keyword research important?

In order to build long term success in your business, knowing your customer’s search intent would help you reach them directly. A keyword research tool helps you find which keywords are best to target. Inbound methodology is crucial and means, your content shouldn’t be what you want to tell people but rather what people want to discover. This keyword strategy will make sure you have customers and users coming to you.

How do I know what keywords to target?

  • Authority: Knowing your search traffic is important but also what you provide that search volume is equally as important. Google pushes sites that it deems authoritative. Enriching your site with useful information or content and promoting that content via socials and backlinking, will do this. 
  • Relevance: Google will only rank information and sites based on searchers’ needs. If your content becomes a good source of information on that topic, google will rank you higher. If you are using popular keywords but are not providing anything related to those keywords, this will hurt you.
  • Volume: In order for your site to actually receive eyeballs, you will need to know the volume of those eyewords via monthly search volume. This is just the number of times that said keyword is searched per that time.

Most of the time you will need to use a specific tool such as Google Analytics or Hubspot to find these specific keywords related to you and your business. To accomplish this yourself,  you will want to pick 5 to 10 topics that relate most to your business or a specific message you want to promote. You will then want to pick subtopics from those original 5-10 topics. This will give you more specific terms you should be using and that your audience will most likely be searching. Once you have subtopics and keywords, you will be able to encrypt those into your website and start ranking on google!