My Google Reviews: Reputation and Visibility My Google Reviews: Reputation and Visibility

As a business owner, having quality reviews on Google is essential to maintaining an excellent online reputation and visibility. In recent years, Google’s search engine has become increasingly more focused on providing accurate and helpful local results and this has made reputation management and visibility a key component to digital marketing success.

My Google Reviews, which is a part of Google My Business, is a tool developed by Google that enables users to manage and monitor their business listings and reviews on the world’s largest search engine. With this tool, businesses can easily read, respond to, and manage customer reviews in one place.

Why you should utilize My Google Reviews

They Provide Valuable Insight Into Your Business

Google reviews are a great way for customers to leave their opinions about your business and products. By reading these reviews, businesses can gain insight into what customers think of their offerings and can use this information to improve their services. This is extremely helpful for businesses to know what customers appreciate and what they don’t so they can better serve their customers in the future.

They Improve Your Visibility in Search Results

When customers search for the products and services your business offers, having good reviews can drastically improve the visibility of your business in search results. Google actively takes customer reviews into account when ranking local businesses, so having reviews that reflect a positive opinion of your business can go a long way in terms of improving your search visibility.

They Help Build Trust & Establish a Professional Image

Having good customer reviews can play a major role in building trust with potential customers. People are much more likely to buy products and services from a business that already has a good reputation. On the other hand, if people see negative reviews about a business, they may hesitate to use the business, which can have a significant impact on potential sales.

Simple Steps to Setting Up My Google Reviews

1. Create & Verify Your Google My Business Account

The first step in getting started with My Google Reviews is to create and verify your Google My Business (GMB) account. This will enable you to manage your business location information across Google Search and open Google Maps when you are signed in to your google account. 

To create your account, simply go to, click the “Sign up” button, fill out the form, and your account will be created. You will then need to verify your account in order to begin posting reviews.

2. Add Your Business Information

Once your account is created, you’ll need to add your business information to the GMB portal. This will include details such as your business name, address, website URL, hours of operation, photos, and products/services. You’ll also need to provide a category for your business (e.g., restaurant, retail, etc). This is important, as it will help customers find your business when searching on Google.

3. Create Your Reviews Page

Now that you have your account and business information set up, you can create your Reviews page. This will be the page customers will see when giving reviews of your business. It is important to give your page an attractive and memorable title that accurately describes your business. You will also need to add photos and/or videos that showcase your business in a positive light.

4. Encourage Engagement

Once your page is set up, you can begin encouraging customers to leave reviews and star ratings. This can be done through a variety of methods, such as including a direct link to the review button on your website or emailing customers with a personalized invitation to leave their comments and ratings. You can also encourage customers to rate your business by responding to their reviews.

5. Monitor Your Reviews

Finally, it is important to stay on top of your online reviews by monitoring the comments that customers are leaving. This will let you know what customers like and don’t like about your business, allowing you to make changes or improvements if necessary. You should also take the time to thank customers for leaving reviews and responding to any negative comments in a professional and courteous manner.

Iris Marketing Team

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