Local SEO: The Basics Local SEO: The Basics

When you google a business or service in your area, are you one of the many who check out top results first? Have you noticed the map that appears on the right side of the screen that displays the location of businesses in your area related to your search? Google’s algorithms choose and rank websites that best fit a search query. As such, marketing strategies that increase your company’s visibility and rank on google are vital for a growing business.

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Local SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) aims to increase companies’ ranking in google searches. Local SEO, then, is a digital marketing approach that increases your company’s visibility in your local geographic area.  

Difference between SEO and Local SEO

While both SEO and local SEO aim at improving rankings in online searches, local SEO is more focused on increasing local traffic and connecting with customers in your area. This is imperative for growing the customer base for businesses with a physical location. Both approaches complement each other, and investing in one will aid the other; however, local SEO requires more specific keywords and marketing content rather than generalized information. 

Local SEO Strategy

There are many strategies that can be integrated into your local SEO marketing plan. Analyzing your current standing among local competitors and other analytical research is an important place to start when determining how best to reach your audience.

Targeting local keywords via blogs or using location specific website copy is a proven method to increase ranking in local searches. Backlinks from other local websites, earning reviews on local review sites, and optimizing Google My Business profiles are all valuable tools for increasing your rank as well. 

Benefits to Implementing Local SEO

Utilizing a local SEO strategy will help your business connect with local customers in your geographic area. Being a top result in the search engine helps your business be more competitive, gain positive local reviews, improve your conversion rates with website visitors, and subsequently, increase in-store foot traffic. 

How Iris Helps

Iris Marketing performs competitive analytical research and keyword research to uncover where your company stands among competitors in search engine rankings. We have the expertise and resources to assist in boosting your business’ rankings by link building, blog writing, and other content marketing. Our team produces high quality content for your websites that contain those important, relevant keywords that increase search-engine traffic, and can optimize your web pages to increase engagement. 


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