Importance of Social Media Marketing Importance of Social Media Marketing

Today, connecting with your audience to establish your brand can be done at your fingertips. Old views of marketing have now shifted into different types of social marketing and digital content. Due to the shift in recent years, a social media marketing strategy is almost mandatory for small businesses to remain competitive. 

Digital Marketing

Businesses are now sharing content to different social media platforms to bring traffic to their website, where they then attempt to generate a sale. Due to the large variety of social networks, target audiences are easier to come across via media marketing tools. 

These marketing campaigns don’t just apply to social media profiles, putting time and effort into a blog post is also a sound investment when it comes to this type of marketing. Social media then becomes a place to promote those posts. Digital marketing or online marketing, is just a way to connect with customers using the internet and social media marketing tools. 

Importance of Social Media Marketing

Difference between blog posts and social media 

The goal of digital marketing is to get your website ranked higher on Google. The higher your website is, the more likely a customer will click on it and then use your business over your competitors. 

Writing relevant blog posts is a way to not only bring valuable and new content to your customer, showing them you are providing value to them, but this also does the same thing on the back end for Google. If Google sees you are consistently putting out new and original content, it is more likely to increase your ranking on Google. 

When you publish content via blog posts, this is also a chance to post content to your social media. Once blog posts are written, it would be useful to create a social media post to promote the blog post. Team members can use social media schedulers (a scheduling tool) for scheduling posts. 


One of the really awesome benefits of social media marketing is you can grow an audience with little to no budget. Staying active on social media while making sure your website is functioning well, is the best way for Google to see you are a valuable business and provide its users with something. 

Social media is also a great way for you to connect with your customers, in a more personal way. Once you grow your business and have a budget to invest into social media, you may be able to get a social media manager to do all of this for you! This makes it easier for the owner of a business to focus on more important tasks.

Increasing Business

Digital marketing is one of the best ways to increase your ROI and profit margins. It is modern and consistent with the times, yet low cost and easy to learn. Creating content for your business to promote yourself, your products/services or to provide something valuable for the customer is going to keep you in the running with, if not ahead, of your competitors. 


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