5 Ways To Optimize Your Website for Better Lead Generation Performance 5 Ways To Optimize Your Website for Better Lead Generation Performance

How Can You Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation?

boost your lead generation performance

Your website is your business’s online identity, and it operates as a 24/7 storefront. By having a website, you can attract more people to your business and convert them into leads and, ultimately, clients. However, just setting up a website is not enough for your website to upgrade it’s lead generation performance and become an online lead generation machine.

SEO Optimization for Lead Generation

First, to get the right type of audience to visit your website, it is essential that you perform search engine optimization or SEO. The Internet is like an ocean full of websites promoting the same types of services and products as you. To stand out, you must get to the front of the line on Google, and an SEO service allows you to do that.

Perform SEO by strategically implementing keywords and key phrases on your website. The more traffic driving keywords you have, the greater chance you have of generating leads.

How do you get SEO keywords? There are plenty of resources to find them, but one free resource is Google Keyword Planner. Simply put your industry into the planner, and view the top keywords associated with your industry. Keep in mind that these keywords may be difficult to rank for if they have high competition. For websites just started to get optimized for lead generation performance, it may be a better strategy to find local competition and apply them as a filter on Google Keyword Planner.

Forms and Lead Magnets for Lead Generation

boost your lead generation performance

Once you optimize your website content, the next step is adding lead forms to your website and creating lead magnets. Lead generation is important for any business website because it allows you to “grab” the traffic that is visiting your website in the form of emails. You can then remarket to those emails through newsletters or ad campaigns.

A contact form is the most simple and direct form of online lead generation in which a prospective client requests a consultation, service, or product. However, there are other ways to generate leads that can convert to sales. Most websites have a newsletter signup on their front page or as a pop up. Make sure to include an incentive for people to want to sign up to your newsletter such as special promotions or exclusive deals!

Even with lead forms implemented, you may have difficulty with lead generation on your website. Truthfully, many Internet users are averse to signing up to newsletters because they can spam up their inbox. If this is your experience, another method of obtaining leads is lead magnets.

Unlike a standard form, a lead magnet is something interactive: a contest, a giveaway, or a quiz. Essentially, you exchange a quiz result or the opportunity to win a prize for email information. Lead magnets can also be shared on social media.

Quizzes are a great lead magnet that can be easily shared on social media

Quizzes are a great resource because they tell you information about a lead and allow you to categorize leads. For instance, a bride may take a wedding quiz and get the result ‘Rustic Wedding.’ A wedding planner could then tag that lead as ‘Rustic Wedding’ in her database and market to her in that way.

Integration with an Email Marketing Platform or CRM

boost your lead generation performance

Integrating forms with an email marketing platform or CRM will keep your leads organized

For the best results, integrate email marketing platforms or CRMs with any forms or lead magnets on your website. Leads will then drop into the appropriate databases and receive the right tags for remarketing purposes.

What is the difference between an email marketing platform and a CRM? Email marketing platforms like Mailchimp or Constant Contact almost exclusively perform email marketing to leads. These sophisticated platforms perform automatic response emails and drip campaigns.

A CRM is usually much more advanced in that it can perform unique, complex workflows. For instance, a CRM could have a workflow to guide prospective clients down a sales funnel or send customers to the right travel agent based off a website questionnaire.

Conduct A/B Testing

If you have implemented a particular lead strategy on your website, but you are still not getting the desired results, you should consider conducting A/B testing. A/B testing involves creating 2 versions of an email or landing page with 1 variable that is different. Conducting A/B testing can help to understand what works best for your website or email marketing and select the version that generates higher conversions.

Have CTA’s on Your Homepage

boost your lead generation performance

Your website homepage will be at the top of the marketing funnel, and it is imperative to have calls to action or CTA’s on it. Depending on the products/services you provide, you can improve the click-through-rate on your CTA by making it appealing for the visitors. For example, adding a CTA something like “Try us for FREE” will be more effective than something like “Buy Now.” In the end, it all comes down to your business type.

Final Thoughts

By implementing these digital marketing strategies, you will begin the process of converting your website into a lead generation machine. A lead generating website can produce leads for your business continuously and passively. That means you can let it do its thing while you do other job responsibilities … or do nothing at all! The goal is that these digital marketing endeavors will pay for themselves as clients come in through your optimized website.


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