10 Signs It Is Time to Redesign Your Website Now 10 Signs It Is Time to Redesign Your Website Now

Why Redesign Your Website?

There are many web design updates and trends in the last few years. Search engines love fast websites with great mobile versions, and some popular platforms work only through mobile apps like Instagram and TikTok. So, you need a modern website that can follow these trends and attract potential customers from various platforms. Basically, a website redesign.

But is it the right time to redesign your website? The answer is yes if you have noticed one of the following signs:


1- Your Website Is Not Responsive

Today most people use smartphones to get access to the internet. Mobile traffic is 54.46% of the total traffic in 2021. It means that you can’t access half of your potential customers if you don’t have a responsive site. You also can’t get search engine traffic because Google focuses heavily on mobile.

Both your customers and search engines will prefer a competitor if they can’t access your website. So, you need to redesign your website and create a mobile version with a great user experience.


2- Your Website Has A High Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is a metric that you can check on your Google Analytics. If the bounce rate is too high, it means that most visitors leave your site without reading your content.

The purpose of a site is to attract an audience that will check your products or services. If your visitors leave right away, you don’t have any chances to make sales. If your bounce rate is higher than 70%, you need to check for problems and consider redesigning your site. The only exception is if you run a blog or news site. However, a 70% bounce rate for e-commerce is not good.

reasons to redesign your website

3- Your Website Does Not Reflect Your Brand

It is quite easy to check if your site reflects your brand. Does it look professional and have the tone or colors you want? If the answer is no, you need to make major changes and get the website you deserve.

Your customers can also see that a website is not consistent with the brand. This problem could create confusion about the image of your brand to them.


4- You Get Fewer Leads

If you get fewer leads from your website than a few years ago, it is time to make some changes. Your customers get information from multiple sources and visit many websites daily.

An outdated design will harm your website’s credibility and the trust you build between you and your customers. Your website must look more professional, have clear calls to action, and nice forms where people can add their contact details.


5- Your Website Is Ugly

People don’t like to visit ugly websites. Of course, they judge a website compared to the other alternatives out there, but some websites are ugly by default.

The problem can be an outdated theme, low-quality images, too many ads, or many issues together. It would be a waste of time to make minor changes to an ugly website. The best solution is to redesign your site from scratch.


6- Your Menu Is A PDF

Some old websites include only a PDF with products and prices. It was a common strategy for many restaurants a few years ago. It was easy to create a PDF, and the customers could get the information they wanted.

Today there are better ways to give the same information. If you have a restaurant, you can use a CMS to present your menu. At the same time, you can create extra pages to book appointments, offer discounts, or give additional details.


7- You Don’t Get Ranked For The Right Keywords

If you don’t get ranked for any keywords in your niche and your location, you don’t attract traffic and potential customers from search engines. When you use the wrong keywords, you get traffic but not more customers. You can easily fix this issue when you add keywords and more content to your pages.

It’s important to get ranked for keywords relevant to your brand. This should be your first focus. Then, you can also target some keywords relevant to your niche. The best way to achieve that is by adding new pages and content to your website.


8- You Link Another Domain Name For Conversions

This is an issue that can happen if you use third-party programs and apps to book appointments or get conversions. When you people visit your website, they expect to finish the conversion on your website. It can harm the user experience when they get redirected to a third-party domain name they don’t know.

The best approach is to complete the conversions on your website. A good web designer can help you with this task, and you will improve your user experience right away.


9- Your Website Has Elements That Does Not Work

Many old websites have elements that do not work for various reasons. It can be an outdated form that you don’t use, broken links, broken buttons. In some cases, they include images and videos that do not load as well.

While you can fix these elements, you will figure out that it is not as easy as it sounds. Many websites used plugins and tools that are not updated anymore. So, a better idea is to redesign these pages and optimize them for conversions.


10- Your Business Is Ready To Grow

When you want to take your business one step forward, you need a website that can support your new projects. Your website reflects your brand. Big brands have great websites that people love to visit. If you upgrade various parts of your business, make sure that you don’t forget to update your site.



If you decide to redesign your website and use a quality web design service, you will solve all the problems of this list at once. These signs mean that your website is outdated with a bad user experience. Many websites used to get great results but do not work anymore. So, an update can improve both traffic and conversions.