More is required of elite business leaders, founders, CEOs, and executives. A polished and complete view online and in the public eye is a requirement – not optional. But LinkedIn profiles or bios on the “Team Members” page of a company website simply don’t go far enough. 

You are a brand. We help you build, curate, and maintain your public persona with modern design and clear expectations. Welcome to Founder Services.
Founder Services has a suite of products built solely for leaders that occupy a space both within and outside of the successful businesses they build.


Business founders need an environment away from their businesses to show their capabilities which might include as a public speaker, business consultant, philanthropist or venture capitalist. 

Our Founder Site creates a space for you to showcase a more complete picture of your persona that includes being a company founder but is not limited to it. Did you give a Ted Talk? Were you featured in a magazine? We give you a place to showcase your achievements in a tasteful and organized manner. 

Take a look at some of our example Founder Sites.


We provide stylized personal branding that communicates who you are and what’s important to you. When our founders are in front of an audience – whatever the venue, it’s critical that they give an air of confidence, association, and thoughtfulness.  

Brand Book

Many of our startup founders are familiar with brand books, they can be as important as a business plan to a new project. Your brand book will include a color scheme of complementary colors, fonts, and design elements that remain consistent throughout your online presence. This personalized color palette can be applied to your social media presence, website, business cards and stationery to send a clear message about your brand. 


A custom logo just for you will reflect who you are independent of your business ideas. We will interview you, discuss options, and then return three proofs aligning with your brand book color scheme for your approval. If it’s not the right look and feel, we will continue to iterate until we create a logo that feels as personal to you as your name. 

Permanent Business Cards

Our founders are busy and carrying the right business card for every situation can be a challenge. The card one gives out to venture capital firms may be different than the one to attendees of a conference where you speak in front of thousands of people. 

Not only that, carrying around the right business card for the exact situation you will encounter can be an annoying encumbrance. 

We generate premium business cards consistent with your brand both in heavy cardstock, plastic, or a permanent metal business card with QR code. Our metal card isn’t for distribution, founders carry just one of these in their wallet and showcase it to interested parties. The QR code leads recipients back to your Founder Site, and creates a contact card when scanned by a smartphone. Nothing more to carry, and no need to shuffle through your wallet for the right one. 

Due to the flexibility of your Founder Site, this one code and card will provide every encounter with the information they need to reach out, regardless of how they interact with you. 




People depend on the internet. It’s as simple as that. Having a good website and a great online presence is critical to your business’s success. It is often one of the first ways a client ever interacts with your brand.
By making a great first impression and meeting the expectations of existing customers, you can ensure the success of your business by connecting with your customers to create a long-lasting relationship between you and your target audiences.


Part of managing your public persona is the information you put out into the world. Our ghost writing staff includes experienced writers with degrees from some of the most prestigious writing schools in the world. Business owners are often too busy to disseminate their thoughts and processes but our team of writers can help. 

Business Books

You got to the top somehow, some way. People want to know more about your journey. Describe your steps to problem solving, spend a chapter about project management, management consulting, dealing with human resource challenges. Maybe you’re a specialist in early stage businesses and build companies from the ground up. 

We help you organize your business book to become a curation of the actions, steps, and mantras that have made you successful. Our writers will interview you, outline the key aspects, deliver chapter drafts in dissectible volumes, edit, and publish your book. 

We even send you a sharpie with your first run order. 

Autobiography Writing

You don’t have to be the next Mark Zuckerberg for interested parties to want to read about your life. Through a series of interviews, we will establish a specific timeline about your life and write about the events that shaped you as a person.

Autobiographies are incredibly personal in nature and require hours of interviews, adjustments, and editing that business books do not. No one can tell your story like you can, we just type faster.