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Digital Marketing For Roofers
Competing for Customers Online
Anyone who has been in the business knows that competing for customers can be cut-throat for roofing contractors. If only doing a quality job at a competitive price was enough. Unfortunately, it’s not but good news – we can help.
We offer the roofing industry a clear marketing plan that helps them find more customers and stand out above the competition. Here are just some of the ways we deliver results for roofers.

Local First
Local representation is everything in this business. As such, it’s our first priority for all new roofing contractors.

The very first search engine was the Yellow Pages; this is where prospective customers would go first to find business services (home services) they need. And the first Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was naming your business so it appeared at the top of the list.

There are many “AAA” contractors out there or “#1” Roofers, for good reason – this is how a business got noticed first over all of their competition. Recognizing that SEO is so important that an entrepreneur will alter their business name to appear at the top of the listings underscores why SEO is a must.

All SEO is important, but building a local-first approach is key to effective digital marketing strategy for businesses that do not operate nationally. It can be a minefield for roofer marketers, but this is why we make sure it is our top priority.
Google My Business
Perhaps the most important aspect of appearing high in local search results is a competent and complete listing in Google My Business. We ensure that our roofing clients rank on Google My Business by professionally loading their profiles, adding the detailed aspects, ensuring these match across the internet (more than 50 different places.)

Among those challenges are regular posting, an accurate listing, and updates when your business changes.
Website Design
A responsive website that’s focused on a mobile-first approach reaches more clients than standard websites. We know that capturing roofing leads is why the website is built and keep that at the forefront of our design.
With carefully placed call-to-action buttons throughout our client websites to ensure that whenever a customer is ready to proceed, they have a frictionless process to set an appointment. On the topic of setting appointments, we offer calendar features synced to our roofing client’s calendar to ensure that new appointments are only set when convenient for you.
Along with a slew of features that make roofing digital marketers salivate, we add chat and text features that answer most questions for customers right away while you’re busy installing asphalt shingles. For those that can’t be answered right away, we make it so that every interaction is captured, and sent right to your phone so you never miss a potential customer.

We take pride in creating quality roofing websites that incorporate key features that make our clients unique and the latest in web design techniques and practices.
Social Media
The key to quality online marketing is consistency, presence, and ease. Social media should tick all of these boxes as well. Your branding is an important part of making sure customers recognize your business everywhere they see it. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, or anywhere else on social media, it’s important your brand colors, logo, and common wording is present. We make this a cinch.
We create creative designs that focus on what your business specializes in for your customers. Roofers in the plains may focus on wind and storm damage, while those on the coasts might find more customers are interested in metal and tile roofing materials more than anything else.
When a potential customer finds you online, we want to ensure they are able to quickly reach out with a question, find answers based on your content, and know that you put time and effort into your appearance on the internet. That sends a message to customers that the details are important, and if they are important online, that professionalism will be expected when you visit their home.
At Iris Industrials we are happy to provide examples of just how simple and effective our social media marketing options can be.
PPC Can Be Expensive, But We Can Help
The shortcut to finding your business’s way to the top of Google is to use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns. However, this method can be very expensive – as much as $20-60 per click delivered to your website. If every click was an appointment, it’s well worth the cost, but ensuring that they are is key.
Utilizing a keyword strategy specific to your area, business, and target audience, we help to keep costs under control and avoid wasting your ad dollars on clicks that don’t convert.
Our method can stop competitors from wasting your advertising budget by disallowing competitor clicks. More than that is the prioritization that we place on value for money keywords to find the most cost-effective solution.
For example, let’s say that “free roofing consultation” costs $29 per click and has an average monthly click count in your area of 100 per month, rather than compete at that level, we will find similar keywords that are cheaper but still deliver interested parties to your website for less money. This will allow you to test the market and focus on the keywords that maximize your budget.
Why We Use Content Marketing
One of the most important ways we help our roofing clients grow their business online is to create content marketing articles that live on their websites in perpetuity. Utilizing keyword research, we write blog posts that add content to your site and demonstrate your understanding of the marketplace.
One of these blogs may be about how to file an insurance claim online, or what to do if you think you might have damage to your roof. These articles are written by experienced American writers that have written thousands of articles just like these. We incorporate research to ensure that articles rank on Google for the selected topics, and elevate your website ranking at the same time.
This process takes longer, but unlike Google PPC campaigns, organically ranking for topics is less expensive and lasts far longer than when you decide to adjust your campaign budget.

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Byers start their search online, frequently on a search engine


Adding a blog to your website can increase its chances of ranking in search engines by 434%.


Content creation ranked the highest as a contributing factor to B2B marketing success with 89%





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