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Digital Marketing for Plumbers
Most plumbing company business owners have been using Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) before the internet – they did it with the name of their company. Calling a plumbing business “AAA Plumbers” or “123 Plumbing” would be first to put their plumbing services at the top of the Yellow Pages. Naming a business with a title that puts it at the top of the list of peers is the most basic of marketing plans, but one that has been successful for years. 

There’s one big problem with that model: no one uses the Yellow Pages any more. Instead they turn to Google. That’s why businesses need put the same emphasis and effort into ranking high in search results and owning a quality plumbing website. Google is where potential customers turn first and whether your internet marketing is part of your marketing campaign strategy or not – it needs to be. 

What Is Content Marketing?
One of the digital marketing strategies we employ for our customers is content marketing – but what is it? Content marketing is producing informative blogs, articles, and other techniques to deliver knowledge for free to potential customers. Here’s an example:

The top searched plumbing problem is “dripping faucet.” We want to find people looking for information about leaking faucets and give them valuable information on the topic but on your page. This establishes you as the authority on the topic and creates trust with the client. 

Using this marketing technique will also improve your website’s credibility with Google, delivering even more visitors to your website. 

This proven strategy is just one part of a modern digital marketing campaign. 

But why give customers the answer for free when ultimately they benefit from your expertise and you want them to call you to solve it for them? First, it demonstrates knowledge of the topic. A leaky faucet might be an easy fix, but more complicated answers will show visitors they are contacting the right plumber. 

Second, with home services visitors want to be sure that the provider is a professional. Many want to see that this is a reputable company and person they are inviting to their home and engaging in a financial transaction. 

Third, there is a brand awareness that is created that can’t be replaced by any other digital marketing service. Putting a company logo on a truck or van is good for brand awareness as is the phone number – it’s there so that customers become familiar with your logo and know how to find you. However, in the modern era, becoming a part of that person’s viewing history helps with search and makes it more likely that they will return to your website if they leave. 

Lastly, an experienced agency that specializes in plumber digital marketing services will ensure that the visitor has an opportunity to call, chat, or schedule an appointment readily available at the visitor’s fingertips. 

Internet Marketing for Plumbers
Most digital marketing agencies are not focused on the trades. Rather, they specialize in business to consumer marketing for retail and online businesses. This, in part, has been due to the focus of those businesses on digital marketing and some level of reluctance on the part of the trades.

Iris Industrial better understands plumber digital marketing strategies because we come from a blue collar background. We know that plumbers can’t walk away from taking care of their customers to deploy an email marketing campaign, chat online with a prospective contact, or optimize their website. 

As a proud plumber digital marketing agency, we are bad at plumbing. We focus on what we do best – delivering visitors to your site, leading them to schedule an appointment, or refer their friends and family – so that you can focus on delivering a great customer experience. 

We are a digital marketing company that focuses on plumber marketing and other trades as a priority and not the exception. Iris Marketing Team would be happy to create a customized evaluation of your current marketing strategy and design a plan that delivers more customers to your business. Contact us today to learn more. https://irismarketingteam.com/contact/

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