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The Oilfield Is Tough, Marketing to The Oilfield is Tougher
Of all of the blue collar professions in the world, one of the toughest, most dangerous, labor-intensive is working in the oilfield. The oil and gas sector is one of the hardest businesses to operate successfully – it’s cut throat, unforgiving, and expensive. Marketing as a service company in the oil and gas industry is even tougher. 

Oilfield service companies have to worry about safety and filling long, hard hours with tired workers in difficult situations. Social media marketing isn’t on the top of their list, nor should it be. 

However, it’s just as crucial to speak to new potential customers as it is to take care of your existing clients. Like anything else in the oil patch, playing out of position is not the best strategy which is why we take care of your oilfield marketing needs while you focus on serving your clients. 

Local Is Legendary
Anyone who has been in the oilfield knows that being the first call for an operator is the difference between end-of-year bonuses, and closing the business. Our team use sophisticated analytical tools to ensure that your business is found locally by more people. 

It’s more than just listing your company on Google. Utilizing a clear digital marketing strategy, we help oilfield service companies rank above the competition because we know that being great at local marketing leads to more jobs with better margins. 

We make our customers legendary at local marketing. It begins with a complete Google My Business listing, but service after the setup is our key differentiating factor. We optimize your posts, ensure customer reviews, and help you answer questions that customers want to know. 

This generates more leads and a lasting positive impact on your business.

Getting Clients To See Your Business
A comprehensive marketing strategy for your business is part of the service we offer our clients. Everything from email marketing, printed marketing content, search engine optimization, to creating and curating high-quality content across your social media channels. 

Above all else, clients want to see that oilfield service companies are well-informed and trustworthy. What’s the point in developing a beautiful website if no one ever sees it? We drive visitors to your website with excellent content that delivers value and demonstrates your business is a thought leader in the space. 

Applying an ever-changing algorithm, oil and gas marketing content is what will help your business stand out from the rest of the patch. We write content that we know your clients are searching for in a targeted manner with the right reading difficulty levels, word count, keywords, and links. Whether it’s breaking down an important case study or sharing more about what you do better than anyone else, we use content to bring customers to your door. 

The original search engine was the yellow pages, but those days are long gone. In the modern era, customers ask a computer (Google) to provide the right solution for their needs from another human being (your company.) We write content that we know Google wants to see, but keeps the reader engaged and clicking around your website once they are there. The longer a visitor remains on your site following a search result from Google, the higher you’ll be placed in Google’s results, leading to more views and greater visibility of your offering. 

Likewise, creating eye-catching social media posts is something that shouldn’t be left to the employee with the most Facebook friends. We create a professional, branded impression for your visitors so they see the quality and time you put into representing your business online. 

This combined effort leads to greater results for our clients. 

Experience Matters
We know oil and gas digital marketing because that’s where our founders derive their background. We have worked in the oil patch for decades, delivering value to the upstream, midstream, and downstream markets from startups to publicly traded companies. 

We know what the market needs whether you service crude oil in the Bakken, or test gas lines in Florida, or deliver safety equipment to rigs at sea; we understand how to help you market your business and find more of your best customers.

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