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HVAC Digital Marketing Is Tough
In a crowded market, how does a local HVAC contractor stand out from the competition? They have to stand out online. It’s not just a professional business card, catchy slogan, and an attractive logo that help our customers get attention from the market; it’s a comprehensive digital approach that brings it all together.

Some customers will look for active social media marketing, relying on a recommendation from friends and family. An empty social media account page will leave potential customers wondering if the business is a going concern. 

Others will investigate your website. They need to know the pertinent information about your business. Customers also want to see examples of your work, get information about pricing and scheduling an appointment, and find tips and tricks to save them time and money. They are truly researching how organized and knowledgeable your firm is before scheduling an appointment – even if the evaluation is free. 

Email marketing and pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns are more tools to digitally market your HVAC business, but they require careful consideration and post-campaign evaluation to determine the return on investment so important to small businesses across the United States. 

There’s a possibility that someone on your team can do one or two of these things well, but chances are few companies in this industry have the experience to do all of them well. 

That’s where we come in. 

HVAC Marketing Is Local
Unlike other businesses, most HVAC customers don’t reach out until they have a need which makes finding your business easy-to-find, and customer friendly extremely important. 

One of the ways we achieve this is by helping HVAC service providers rank high in local search results for their service area. Many companies are aware of Google My Business, but less about how complex and important it can be. After pay-per-click (PPC) ads, Google My Business populates on maps and qualifies for “near me” searches from potential customers. 

However, standing apart from other HVAC companies can be a challenge. We ensure that our customers have online reviews, SEO posts that help push your HVAC business above others. Unlike other marketing agencies, we treat SEO for local businesses as its own marketing campaign with separate SEO research. 

What Is Content Marketing?
It’s not enough to put up a basic HVAC website and hope that clients visit. Yes, our in-house full stack web designer is more than capable of building a beautiful website for your business but that’s only useful if new clients can find it. 

Enter: content marketing. The world of content marketing is as complex as any HVAC system and nearly impossible for one to enter without the tools and processes required for success. That’s where we come in. 

Content marketing is creating content for visitors based on intelligence that will deliver them to your site above someone else’s. You likely found this very blog post as a result of content marketing which uses keywords that search engines hunt for to provide relevant results for searchers on the web. 

At its most basic level, human beings that need your services no longer open the yellow pages, they go to Google. They ask Google (a computer) to find them what they are looking for, which is another human being with the requisite skills to solve their problem. In order to deliver your business to the top of that list, we have to make Google understand exactly what you do and how you do it. The more information that we provide Google, the more likely you will populate at the top of those results. 

But Google isn’t stupid. You can’t simply put the same words over and over again on a page to try to trick the search giant into thinking that you’re the right choice for the searching person – that’s keyword stuffing and there is a penalty for that. You also can’t simply write irrelevant information that has all of the right words, but readers will know was written by a computer because Google tracks how long a user stays on a webpage that they have delivered to a searcher. 

The only way to truly obtain significant growth through SEO strategy is to ensure that you’re delivering quality content, on a regular basis, that readers find informative and complies with Google’s standards. Fortunately, our research team analyzes websites that Google ranks highly, extracts keywords imperative to the article, adjusts our composition for reading difficulty level, originality, and content length to align with what Google has already ranked highly. 

Our skilled SEO writers have taken other businesses from dozens of views per month to tens of thousands by following this clear strategy. Our team of researchers and writers have thousands of articles under their belt and will calculate the perfect strategy to ensure that when someone searches for HVAC professionals, you are among the top candidates. 
Experience Makes Iris The Best HVAC Marketer

My father has been in heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration for more than 30 years. His father before him retired after 30 years at the same company. HVAC is in my blood and perhaps more than any other industrial marketing firm, Iris is uniquely positioned to serve the HVAC industry because Iris Marketing Team knows the industry. 

We know what it’s like to take a risk in business, to work in difficult conditions, long after other employees have punched a clock and gone home. We understand that it can be a thankless business as well, but it’s important work. 

It’s also a call-out business and one with a low frequency of business even for your best customers. We know that every HVAC lead is important and that’s why we work so hard for professionals like you that keep us heated, cooled, and comfortable. 

Reach out today and we will create a comprehensive analysis of exactly what your HVAC business needs to grow online and ultimately land more customers while you’re hard at work doing what you love. 

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