Our blend of data intelligence and design expertise helps our Electrical contractors shine brighter than the competition.


Marketing for electricians is difficult for a few reasons. Finding customers is a mix of appearing the right way when customers need your services, and showcasing skill and knowledge to potential customers.
Luckily, Iris is a specialist in both. 

Local Marketing Is Your Top Priority
The easiest way to ensure that your business is found before your competitors is to focus on local marketing as your top priority. Your customers need to be able to find your business fast and where they are. Ensuring that your electrical company is at the top of those local services can be difficult to obtain, especially in a crowded market. 

We can help. 
Google My Business
Electrical contractors have engaged in the oldest form of Search Engine Optimization but never knew it. Savvy business owners would make sure that it was their name at the top of the list when customers looked for an electrician by naming their company with something that put them there. By naming their businesses #1 or AAA Electrical, their name would appear before all the others in the Yellow Pages, which used to be the way that customers found companies. 
Now, customers go to the internet first and one of the primary places to be found is on the maps, or in a local pack of top contractors. One of the ways this is achieved is by mastering your company’s “Google My Business” listing. 
Anyone can create a GMB listing to help showcase their business but only the most complete rankings with the right criteria will receive priority from the search giant and put your company in from of customers. We check our clients’ listing against 50 other databases to ensure their online presence is uniform. 
We go beyond putting in your website, recent photos, and hours of operation – we flip the switch on five star reviews and help you manage them to ensure other customers are aware of your high value services. 
As part of our local SEO Electrician digital marketing plan, we use analytics to assess keywords that matter and schedule timely posts on your listing to let Google and your potential clients know that you’re a competent business owner. 
At Iris, digital marketing for electricians is a passion. Ensuring a complete listing is just one way we help our customers own local SEO. 

Web Design
We’ve heard it a thousand times: someone’s cousin’s nephew can make your website for free and have you online in no time. It might be true, but it’s not a good idea. 
Like a carefully planned electrical system, we apply the science of good website design infrastructure with behavioral science principles that lead to the right website for you. We focus on industrial and home services companies because so often we find this is an area poorly executed. 
From pre-built to custom everything, we can develop a website that gets potential customers where they need to go as quickly as possible for nearly every budget. We install and maintain key components that make email marketing easy for entrepreneurs, or landing pages that lead to conversions. 
You’re great at managing electrical components, but probably not the best at running complex marketing campaigns. Let us do the heavy lifting on the web so you can get back to serving your customers. 

Social Media
A bad social media presence might be worse than none at all, but achieving results can be easy with help. We research your market, create a detailed and consistent social media marketing plan that associates future clients with your business before they need your service. 
Branded content is as crucial as the logo on the side of your truck. You need customers to know who you are before they need your services. We ensure that your logo (whether we created it or you already have one you like) is present on your social media accounts, regular posting is scheduled, and that customers will know your brand when they need it the most. 
Basic social media plans come with static images, but most of our clients prefer some motion graphics to stand out from the crowd. Our video marketing team can give still images movement and help you catch a potential audience’s eye. 
PPC Campaigns Can Be Effective, But Only With Help
The quickest way to the very top of Google is to buy ad space. This can be effective but it’s a treacherous environment. To be at the top, your business will have to bid for the space in a Pay-Per-Click campaign which targets key search terms in a geographic area. You only pay for those who click, but clicks can be expensive so curating those search terms becomes even more important. 
The most obvious search terms will be the most expensive “Electrician near me” for example might cost as much as $29 per click. Your competitors can click as anyone else online will and drain your PPC budget. That’s why working with a company like Iris Industrial is central to your success. We have click blockers for those who are certainly not in the market for your services and protect your budget. 
Using data and testing, we find the keywords adjacent to your target search to reduce cost and increase your PPC marketing budget. In the above example, we might find that adding local neighborhoods instead of “near me” drop the click cost to $1-2, but will come with fewer results. We dissect this information and parse it to determine what makes the most sense for your company. 

What Is Content Marketing, and Why Do I Need It? 
While PPC campaigns are great for bringing in customers, some scroll right past the ads when trying to find information. PPC campaigns can also be expensive and when the budget runs out, your business disappears. 
Content marketing solves all of these problems. By writing content we know potential customers are searching for, we can bring them into your site to read more. Exhibiting your knowledge on commonly searched topics, we ensure visitors find your site and continue to come back for the long term. 
We may use topics such as apprenticeship programs, or how to reset a fuse to give visitors the information they need and demonstrate your competency. In turn, the longer visitors stay, the more Google rewards your site for answering their questions and organically moves your business up its listing order. 
Content marketing takes longer to develop and season on the web, but its costs are lower and the impact lasts long after the content has been posted.

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Manufacturers say they are doing content marketing as part of their strategy.


Industrial Companies do not have easy content management systems. 


B2B buyers research online before making any purchases.





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 We will execute and deliver your brand identity/story, website, technology suite, and content blueprint


We execute on the unique content strategy to best position you and your services with your target customers in your target market.


The world of marketing and branding is constantly changing. Iris manages the task of keeping your service relevant far into the future.

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