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Autobiography Branding

When YOU are Your brand, turn to us to market you successfully

What is Autobiography Branding?

For some professions – such as tutors, lawyers, realtors, life coaches, and more – their face and personality is their brand.

Many business owners recognize the value of digital marketing, but don’t know what steps need to be taken to get their face out in the digital world in a way that will make them stand out.

We can assist in establishing your digital presence as a polished brand. This would include logo creation, branding colors, and professional graphic design. Your business will be set apart online with a professional, sleak image. We’re excited to start your digital marketing journey.

What are the Principles of Autobiography Branding


When you are your own brand, customers have to feel like you are approachable. When someone is transparent and relatable, it builds trust and endears the customer to the brand. Sharing common interests can be the factor that makes a sale.

Building relationships

Establishing customer relationships can ensure your financial success for years to come. We're looking to make your customers brand loyal. Relationship building means attracting new customers while also maintaining existing clients. It's an ongoing effort.

You Tell Your Story

Unlike a faceless corporation, you are a real person with a story. That story can be what attracts customers to your business. Your identity should play a major role in your marketing. Your voice should always be present and consistent.

Becoming an Authority

Ultimately, the goal of Autobiography Branding is to make you the authority in your industry. We want you to be the face that people see when they think of your industry. All aspects of your marketing must convey this authority to customers.

Start with the Right Foundation

Autobiography Branding Services

Would your business be a good candidate for our Autobiography Branding? We can jumpstart your online presence with a digital marketing business setup. Since the setup for every business is unique, pricing is evaluated on a client-by-client basis.

Digital Marketing Strategy​​

We can develop a game plan for positioning your business competitively through specialization, industry research, and target audience research.

Logo Design + Branding

In order to thrive in the digital marketing scene, it is important to have a strong visual presence. That means having a striking logo, bold branding colors, and strong messaging that allows you stand out from your competition.

Video Editing

We can produce eye-catching motion graphics and videos for your digital marketing. Video has greater engagement on social media than static images, so this will put you at an advantage in your industry.

Web Development

We can update existing websites or build websites with a focus on SEO optimization and lead generation. We insert trackers such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Facebook Pixel for data collection.

SEO Keywords

We can insert relevant keywords in title tags, meta descriptions, pages, and blogs that will increase your ranking on Google and in turn drive organic traffic to your website.

Lead Forms

We can convert a website into a customer generating machine through the use of lead forms. Segment your audience by interest with form responses.

Social Media Setup

We can setup your social media channels with consistent branding and handles.

PPC + Social Ads

We can set up Google PPC ad campaigns that will get your website on the front page of Google for targeted keywords. We can produce engaging ads for social media that will retarget your audience.

Content Marketing​

We can create personalized blogs, quizzes, and videos that will engage your audience, add valuable SEO keywords to your website, and collect leads for your sales funnel.

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